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About Newquay Band

Regatta days and Cornish wrestling contest in the early days were some of the band's engagements. Leading the procession of the lifeboat through the town on August Bank Holiday was a formidable task starting in the morning and going through the day until the afternoon launch this continued up until 1934.

Newquay Band has a long history of entertaining Newquay's visitors, with records dating back to the 1800's. As Newquay's popularity with holidaymakers increased during the 1930's and with sponsorship from the Urban District Council a full time Musical Director Mr. Moyle was appointed. During the 1940's and 50's under Mr Moyle's direction the band became one of the top band in the county. Sadly, local reorganisation resulted in the loss of the band's sponsorship and sadly the band could no longer afford a full time musical director and combined with the retirement of older members the band had a struggle to survive.

A training programme for young people was formed and slowly but surely the band has improved so that today they can provide a balanced programme of modern and traditional music for the public entertainment. The band improved to such a level that in 2000 at the Hall for Cornwall they won the third sections with the own choice test piece Othello.


Since December 2007 Newquay Band have been wearing navy blue jackets abandoning the distinctive sky blue jackets worn previously.

In June 2016, the band appointed Mr Steve Fryett as their new Musical Director, and he has injected a new level of enthusiasm and enjoyment into the band.

Since Steve  was appointed MD, Newquay Band have built a strong relationship with the 'Mount Charles Band'  with many of their players attending rehearsals and engagements (and vice versa).


"This works very well for both bands, and I am proud to be associated with both organisations and look forward to building this fantastic relationship over the coming years" (Steve Fryett)

In 2023, we launched our new training band, 'Brass for All'. We welcomed new players eager to learn to play a brass instrument. This initiative presented a wonderful opportunity for both children and adults to learn together.

Brass for All made a sparkling debut at the Newquay Band Christmas Extravaganza. They performed a selection of carols, showcasing the skills they had been developing throughout the year.

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